Chiwetel Ejiofor hits back at critics over poor Chichewa


Director of Malawian film, Britain’s Chiwetel Ejiofor, has reacted to criticism over the poor use of Chichewa language in the movie.

Ejiofor made his directorial debut last year having directed the movie which is based on William Kamkwamba’s real-life story, The Boy who Harnessed the Wind. Being a Malawian story, the British actor fused in the country’s cultural elements, Chichewa language inclusive.

After the trailer of the highly anticipated local film was release some weeks ago, people have been at Ejiofor’s neck for poor use of Chichewa language in the work. This is because a majority of the casts are from outside this country.

Speaking to BBC Focus on Africa’s Paul Bakibinga on Tuesday, Chiwetel defended his film. According to him, he casted befitting figures for for the roles.

He added that the actors’ sensibilities were more important to him than Chichewa familiarity during the casting process. Dialogues in the film involves switching between Chichewa and English languages.

The boy who harnessed the wind will be released on Netflix on 1st March. It will be the first local movie to reach such greater heights, thanks to international production.

Meanwhile, anticipation is heightening back home ahead of the historic release.