Ignorance putting musicians in trouble


A year ago a music artist by the name Mwiza Chavula released a controversial song, ‘Ndizakupanga rape’.

The artist was faulted for the song that was deemed to be igniting violence against women in the country.

Mesho and his producer

Lyrics that the made the duration of the song, “ndizakupanga rape” were so harsh against women.

Weeks later Chavula got arrested.

As Chavula scenario was enough, another music artists Anderson Chimpwaira has found himself in trouble for composing a song “Mizikiti Ichoke”

In his song, the artist who is also known as Mesho chose to give the message of being an anti-Islam.

He faulted the doctrine of Islam for not allowing its followers to eat pork.

The song angered the Muslim community that demanded justice through his arrest together with his producer.

Giving it’s ruling on the case, Blantyre magistrate court slapped Mesho a two year jail term, while the producer is to be in prison for a year.

But why trouble falling on music artists?

Musicians Union of Malawi (MUM) disclosed that many musicians are to be in trouble because of ignorance of the law.

MUM leader Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango expressed a need to civic educate artists on the laws of the country.

“Actually the problem is ignorance of the law, you see someone is composing a song that is against one religion in a country where there is freedom of worship,” said Mhango in an interview with Malawi24.

He further urged the censorship board to be on alert to control materials that are offensive to the public.

“We need that reality check now by our censorship board before such materials find their way out to the public,” he added.