14-year-old boy with albinism abducted in Dedza

Albinos Malawi

Thugs have abducted a 14-year-old boy with albinism in the area of chief Chilikumwendo in Dedza.

The boy, Goodson Makanjira, was abducted in the early hours of Wednesday.

His relatives said six masked men took away the boy after breaking into the house where Goodson, his parents and his sister person with albinism were sleeping.

“They were very violent, they even hacked one of the relations who wanted to rescue Goodson,” said the relation.
Malawi Police spokesperson said the law enforcers have launched a search for the boy.

“A team of police officers have been discharged to the area, they are on the ground looking for the boy,” said Kadadzera.
Reacting to the attacks, President of Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (Apam) Overstone Kondowe said government should declare Malawi unsafe for people with albinism.

“We can go elsewhere where we can be safe,” said Kondowe.
Ian Simbota who is a person with albinism concurred with Kondowe saying seeking asylum is so far the only best option for persons with albinism since Malawi is no longer a safe place.

This year, at least five cases of attacks against persons with albinism have been recorded in the country.

On Wednesday, Minister of Information and Communications Technology Henry Mussa described the situation as regrettable but assured the public that Police are working hard to stamp out the barbaric practice.

“The state is condemning the practice because this is a matter of national concern and it has to be stopped immediately. We have also directed the Army to team up with Police to flash out the practice.” Mussa said.

Mussa pleaded to all Malawians, well-wishers and all those people who love Malawi to raise the alarm to end the killings, saying that would be a way of complementing government efforts.

He said one of such ways is government’s decision to initiate a program to build houses for those with albinism to protect them.

“Government of Malawi is still committed to people with albinism through the construction of houses and currently, we have constructed two solid houses in Chitakale, but we are planning to construct more in all parts of the country for people with albinism,” he assured.