MCP torchbearers in Likoma ready for electoral battle


With about three months remaining to the May 21 tripartite elections in the country, aspirants for the opposing Malawi Congress Party (MCP) have vowed to work tooth and nail in order to emerge conquerors in Likoma and Chizumulu Islands.

On Thursday, the MCP aspirants presented nomination papers by the shadow Member of Parliament (MP) and Councilor Christopher Aschemes Songwe and Patrick Tunthuwa Mwayithula respectively to Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) at Likoma Community Hall in Mbamba area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Mkumpha 3. 

Stating facts in an interview after a successful submission of nomination forms process by the aspirants, shadow MP Songwe said it is high time they dwelled on planning for the campaign which is slated for 19 March to 19 May country wide.

“Now that we have been officially verified, our next step is to start making preparations on the ground which will best determine our victory,” he articulated.

Songwe made an extension pointing that as an MP aspirant; he will emphasize his roles on three aspects of representing the Islanders, passing the laws in the National Assembly and providing an oversight for Likoma district to the executive and the Judiciary for noble cause.

“As a member of MCP, we are the architects of infrastructure development for the systems that were proved to be successful during our regime initially and benefited Malawians of which we eagerly need to revive by taking over the government,” he further explained.

In making sure that this prospect is highly initiated, the MCP shadow councilor for Likoma Ward Mwayithula promised to work in solidarity with his colleagues to spearhead clinching the seats in Likoma district after polling.

Mwayithula said: “I am in very good terms with the shadow MP and I will strive to strengthen our good relationship and the rest of the team as this will mechanize our success.”

He then bemoaned politics of castigation saying as politicians they will not have to exchange insults against each other during the campaign period as it will only yield nothing.

“We need a peaceful Campaign in Malawi whereby we don’t need to be exchanging insults amongst ourselves, we are all Malawians and we only need to focus on fostering development.”

Meanwhile, the Malawi Electoral Commission MEC is expected to officially announce the commencement of the campaign period from 19th March up to 19 May for various politicians to start selling their manifestos.