PP aspirant wants Chiradzulu to have factories


People’s Party (PP) parliamentary candidate for Chiradzulu East, Daniel Malunga Chikoja, has pledged to lobby for establishment of factories in the district once voted into power.

Chikoja said this after submitting his nomination papers to the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

Chikoja submitting his nomination papers to Mec Official

He noted high levels of poverty and unemployment in the area and the district at large, saying the problems can only be averted through industrialisation.

“There are so many investors who are lacking place of operation due to limited land in Blantyre city. So, I will engage them to consider opening their businesses in Chiradzulu, for people to secure employment, hence achieving economic empowerment.

“It is obvious that despite toiling in the field, people of Chiradzulu continue being ripped off by vendors, so by establishing industries, I am very certain that people’s lives would transform,” he said.

Ironically, Chiradzulu is faced by land shortages as some of it is covered by rocks. Apart from this, most of the land is owned by individuals who become reluctant to surrender it for development when there is no compensation.

On this, Chikoja said he would engage chiefs to assist, adding that time has come for the district to wear a new face of development.

The Information Technology expert further assured pigeon peas farmers of ready and good markets for the commodity, if PP makes it to government come May 21 2019.

Months ago, pigeon peas producers across the country cried foul over low prices such as K30 per Kilogram, which the crop fetched.