Karonga fans, executive clash over coach

Oscar Kaunda

Disagreements have erupted between Karonga United executive committee and supporters over the candidate to fill the vacant head coach post at the club.

While the executive committee say no choice has been made on who will take over at the helm, the supporters have demanded the executive to hire Civo Sporting Club assistant coach Oscar Kaunda.

Oscar Kaunda
Karonga fans want Oscar Kaunda

Speaking in an interview, Karonga United chairperson Alufeyo Chipanga Banda said the choice of appointing a new coach rests in the hands of the executive hence the fans have no authority to demand the hiring of their preferred candidate.

“We will not be swayed by the fans as they have no power to demand the appointing of someone. We will decide what candidate is best for the club not the fans,” he said.

He added that the supporters should stop interfering with the running of the club saying their interference affects the club’s operations.

“We will hire the coach basing on his financial charges and whether we can afford him,” Banda said.

However, chairperson of the supporters committee Heston Mwambuli said the fans are unshaken by the executive’s stance and are pushing for Kaunda to be appointed head coach.

“Kaunda knows the club inside out as he coached the club back in 2016 hence we want him back no one else,” he demanded.

Karonga United relieved Christopher Nyambose from his duties last October following a poor run of form.