Winiko accused of feigning attack

UTM Director of Youth Bon Kalindo has been faced with criticisms of feigning an attack on Wednesday to gain instigate public sympathy.

Kalindo was reportedly attacked in Mulanje where he had gone days after his release on bail from the court in Zomba.

The social media has been awash with criticism the Mulanje South lawmaker might have feigned the attack.

The critics hover their arguments on trending images of Kalindo in a vest stained by blood.

“Am not entirely disagreeing with those claiming Winiko might be faking the degree of his fate. One would wonder where was the blood on the white vest came from?

“For the look of things this blood should have come from the head and if so his face could have been in blood too and a photo of his blood face could have confirmed the degree of his case.

“Now that our country is full of descendants of late Thomas Didymus let our brother Hon Kalindo take a photo or a video showing the cut where this blood came from period” whistle-blower, Gerlad Kampanikiza, posted on Facebook.

A war has erupted between vice President Saulos Chilima’s UTM and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party supporters. UTM claims the attack was done by DPP supporters whose notorious cadets are well known for their violence.

It’s not the first time Kalindo has been targeted by DPP cadets.

In 2016 he went into hiding after cadets had threatened to manhandle him at a presidential rally held in Mulanje.

And to make matters worse, today’s alleged attack sustained came following his arrest for describing President Peter Mutharika as having a mental illness.















  1. Malawi Independent reports Police had to rescue this UTM member from attackers

    From the images itvwoukd be clear the member suffered a bloody nose because of the blood on the collar. Other blood at the bottom was likely used to wipe the blood from his face.
    It is disgraceful that any individual would attack a MP and a disgrace and disappointing that President APM has not condoned the attack true or false on s member of parliament.

    Clearly illustrates a change in Government and the current MP’s is warranted come May 21st, MAKE a CHANGE MALAWI for the BETTER

  2. Amalawi tilikonde dziko lathu Winiko sunamenyedwe nena chilungamo
    Wangozithila Tomato source plz We are not interested with your fake images

  3. In you get what you. If you want to be goat you become a goat. Finally this guy gonna reach his final destination. Let us take care of people with real problems.

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