Indian community protests against bail for murder suspect


The Indian community in Malawi has protested against a bail application by a man suspected of murdering his wife Zaheera Akbanies, 35.

The suspect Shaheen Gumrha aged 41 is on remand but wants to apply for bail.

On Wednesday, members of the victim’s family went to the court where they protested against any attempt to grant bail to the suspect.

Earlier, the Indian community released a statement asking people in Malawi to stand together and show support for the victim.

“This message is a plea to all the heads of all the respective heads and the members of the various communities in Malawi, regardless of cast, creed or religion to stand together in solidarity tomorrow to show our support for the deceased.

“The investigation is still underway and we feel that looking at the severity of the case, someone’s daughter, wife and mother has been murdered. No Bail should be granted,” the statement said.

Zaheera Akbanies, a mother of three and a daughter of Jabbar Akbanies, was murdered in her house at Area 9 in Lilongwe on 20th December last year.

She was found by neighbors with a slit throat and a knife in her neck.

According to reports, during the night of the incident the husband who works in Salima came to Lilongwe for unknown reasons since the couple was on separation and had a dispute regarding the children.

The two were alone in the house but the man later left and the woman was found dead in the morning.

A guard told the family that no outsider or criminals came onto the yard where there are a number of houses and the only person that entered the yard was the husband who left the same evening.