DPP loses plot on Chilima with senseless propaganda


I’m not a Movement guy, neither am I a sympathiser. But this is probably one of the lowest-priced political conspiracies I have ever heard. For what ends, I’m yet to understand.

It’s like Trump and his pejorative Obama birther crap. The extent to which his idiocy buoyed with that claim is unmatched.

When some overzealous cadets dismissively boasted few months ago of keeping a joker in their locker which they would throw at a designated time to deflate SKC once and for all, I thought it was something tasty. If this is the joker referred to, then I’m greatly disappointed.

Chilima: Targeted with innuendos

Even if it was true that he changed his name, so what? Didn’t we have one Webster Thom, who later became Bingu wa Mutharika, only to die someone else?

How many people have converted to Christianity from either atheism or other faiths, and in fact, vice versa? And what’s the big deal about it?

One more thing;

Bingu who also converted–allegedly–to Catholic, not only lied that he was Catholic but desecrated the very holiest sacrament at the centre of the Church–the sacrament of Eucharist, by partaking in the communion and break the ordinance of Baptism, a cardinal prerequisite sacrament. Though not cannonical, the Church nevertheless exercised ecclesiastical mercy. Unlike him however, SKC, if indeed he was born Muslim, went through all necessary stages.

Adopting new names is part of almost all religions. It has nothing to do with concealing one’s identity. While Muslims go for Arabic names, Christians adopt mostly, Jewish or any names akin to that during baptism. ‘Saulo’ is a biblical figure. We all know that. What’s the issue then!

So these cheap manoeuvres to disenfranchise Muslims or alienate him from the Catholic is far from yielding any result. Thematically, it only adds momentum to his current trajectory, and bound to backfire.

DPP strategists could do better than peddling on rumour mongering and fabrications. This story, apart from it’s triviality, oozes amateurish tactics



  1. Bwana Bob Finye, did Saulos Chilima ask anyone to deny him?

    No he did not.

    And by the way I am not a UTM supporter, I just like truth.

  2. The author of the article must be joking. If the opinion in the article is correct, then why has Chilima asked his senior family members to disown him?

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