Bushiri: I have committed a crime of being a rich Malawian

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Major One

Malawian born Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says his only crime is that he is one of the filthy rich people in Malawi and that having been dragged through mud for being a successful business magnet he is now teaching his children to be poor.

“People here in Malawi are not happy to see you succeed in life. They love to see you fail. If you think I am lying, put a sad status on Facebook or WhatsApp and follow it an hour later with,’ God has done it for me’, I challenge you that more reactions will be on the sad status” said Bushiri at the launch of his 6 books hosted at Victoria Gardens in the commercial capital of Blantyre.

“I have been dragged through mud by envious people who have accused me of causing accidents. I help a lot of people, but no one says anything. The moment something bad happens to one of the hundreds of  thousands of people I support, I get crucified and accused of being a Satanist”.

“Every time a Malawian gets rich, he or she is accused of witchcraft or Satanism. I will tell you my secret to all all my riches. I am a business person who has worked very had for every penny I own. There is no charm to success only hard working” said Bushiri, seemingly disturbed with the innuendos directed at him.

The multi-billionaire prophet who shoot to stardom with his Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) and Shepherd Bushiri Investment (SBI) arrived at the venue with great pomp.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Major One
Bushiri: My crime is being rich

He said he is always disturbed anbd heartbroken that Malawians hate to see another of their own blood make it in life.

While revealing that he is going to invest heavily in one of Malawi’s commercial banks, Bushiri said he prefers to keep his investments in the country under wraps.

“I have hotels and I am in real estate business here in Malawi. I will not stop investing in Malawi. Only that I rarely speak of my investment here”

The young prophet and business juggernaut urged Malawians to be patriotic.

“What breaks my heart is we do not seem to love our country. You will find people from other countries who attend my church waving their flags. I have never seen a Malawian wave the flag. Why? We should be proud that we come from the Warm Heart of Africa” said Bushiri who was flanked with the Malawian flag during his Globe Tour where he has saved over 2 million people to Jesus.

Among the books he launched are Names of God, Mysteries Surrounding Your Money, Crafts for Effective Public Speaking and Sleeping Near the Ark.

The event was graced by several high ranking government officials, business magnets,  and politicians that included Brown Mpinganjira, Dr Ben Phiri, Paramount Chief Kaomba, poet Hudson Chamasowa, Deputy Mayor of the City, and Deputy Minister of Homeland Security, Charles Mchacha and one of the young brains in the country, Dr Pearson Nkhoma.

The prophet also praised the Malawian leader for the highway constructed in Mzuzu as well as the Mzuzu-Nkhatabay road stretch.

Major One, as he is fondly called. said he praised Mutharika to depart from the norm where people in the country find displeasure in the achievements of another person.



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