Chilima pledges pension for elderly

CChilima endorsed the demos

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima has said he will form a Council for Elderly and introduce monthly allowances for the elderly once ushered into power as one way of making sure that old people should stop begging.

Speaking during a political rally which was held on Saturday in Chitipa district, Chilima said it is so sad seeing the elderly who fought for the freedom that Malawians are enjoying today struggling with poverty.

“It is within UTM constitution to introduce Council for the elderly, we don’t want them to be beggars, we will soon come out clear to Malawians on what this council shall comprise.

“On first July 2019 we will also introduce K15000 pension for these old people so that they should live independent lives other than relying on hand-outs”. Promised Chilima.

On where the money will come from, Chilima said his government will use taxes that Malawians pay to the government.

He said the taxpayers’ money is currently being stolen but everyone involved will return the funds to government next year once he wins.

During the rally Chilima, also condemned government for not making effort to help coffee farmers in Chitipa to have access of exporting their coffee which is their cash crop. He then promised to make sure that coffee from Misuku is exported to other countries just like Mzuzu Coffee.

Concurring with Chilima, Secretary General for the Party Patricia Kaliati said a lot of things in the country need to be looked into for the betterment of the nation and only Chilima can transform this nation by among other things improving the welfare of the elderly, ending blackouts and improving access to portable water.

“Our grandparents are suffering a lot, there is need for a change of leadership so that tomorrow they should live a happy life, and these are people who fought for our freedom. This country is sinking. There is high levels of malpractice in government but we Malawians we can mop them by voting for a Youth and visionary leader Saulos Chilima,” Kaliati urged.