Hyena kills Malawi girl, 2


A hyena on Saturday killed a two-year-old girl at her parents’ tobacco field in Kasungu.

The incident happened at Mseu in the area of Traditional Authority Njombwa in the district.

Deputy Public Relations Officer Harry Namwaza identified the deceased as Alinafe Milanzi.

Namwaza said the child’s parents were in the field planting tobacco and they left the child with another kid on a mat along an earth road which runs through their field.

“As the parents of the child were busy working, they suddenly heard a loud cry of the child and upon rushing to where they had left the children, they saw a hyena dragging the two year old by the head and running away with her towards the hill,” he said.

With the help of other people who were also working near the field, they managed to rescue the body of the child from the hyena.

Post-mortem results showed that the child died due to severe loss of blood.