Bushiri ‘saves’ a man seduced by Jezebel

Prophet Major One

South Africa Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says he has saved a man from Malawi who was seduced by Jezebel and slept with a woman all night. She then made an attempt on his life for failing to pay for her time and services.

After being seduced, read a now deleted post on Bushiri’s Facebook, the man slept with the woman who almost killed him for not paying her.

“The man was invited from Malawi to South Africa by his brother who was dealing drugs. After refusing to join the business left and started looking for Major 1’s church.

“But when he got to Pretoria, and asked for directions to ECG, he met a girl who talked him into going to her flat where she seduced him and slept with him all night and when the sun came up, she demanded payments for her services”.

According to the post, the woman threatened to throw him off a three story building windows if he were not to pay her. The woman is said to have confiscated his belongings including the passport as collateral.

Major 1, as Bushiri is commonly called, is said to have delivered the man from the spirit of lust which the prophet says “entered the man through the Jezebel he met”.

The post did not explain if the man managed to pay his dues and collected his belongings.



  1. Sinbat salam shabat shallom lamed jahmeria .
    Enkosi ngoku ziduba kwakho ngenxa yaba ntakwenu abasithi. Uncede 1 kwavuya abaninzi kwakuyesu kwakunjalo. Amathandabuzo asifikela ngexa yabangendawo uyindoda yolwazi loyena uphakamileyo.ndiliqaba elingento yanto.undixolele ngobugwenxa bam gakuwe nakoyena uphakamileyo. Ndikunqwenelela impumelelo kuko konke. Ndimthembile ubawo nokuba andiboni andenzele kona ubukhazikhazi bundenze andakwazi ukucinga ikamva limfiliba kum. Kodwa kulungile kuba ndingumoni owoyisakalayo.

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