Sunshine Cashmate millionaire speaks tough on bogus promotions

The winner of Sunshine cashmate promotion which was being run by Rab processors Sam Mayero does not have kind words for fake promotions.

The Luchenza resident fired bullets at people who are involved in the act, in the wake of increased bogus promotions, when Rab Processors Limited presented him with his Million Kwacha cheque last week.

Maero (right) receiving his cheque from Rab’s official Mandala

Speaking in an interview amidst Luchenza residents who came to admire his cheque, Mayero made the remarks.

“I am thankful to Rab Group for making me a millionaire but for those who run bogus promotions with the aim of stealing from poor people, they have to understand that their acts are evil,” said Mayero.

Despite that the winner did not reveal that he considered a call from Rab telling him he had won a million as from a bogus source, one could tell that he did.

Mayero emerged the ultimate winner having entered the Sunshine Cashmate Promotion when he bought a carton of the washing soap. His wholesaler was also rewarded with half a million.

According to Sam, he will use the money to boost his business.

“The money will transform my min-shop and I will forever remain grateful to Rab,” said the smiling Mayero.