Mzoma murdered by Irish drug lords

Limbani Mzoma

…Castrated Dublin murder victim was to become a dad, his partner is pregnant

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Limbani Mzoma was brutally murdered in Ireland by drug lords following a disagreement.

Limbani Mzoma
Mzoma was to become a dad

Limbani Mzoma, aged 27, was murdered in the Irish capital, Dublin. His body was found with his eyes clobbered and his genitals castrated at a home in Tudor Lawns, Foxrock, on Thursday, November 1.

Despite a video clip showing white men violently assaulting Mzoma being leaked this week, the Irish Police have nabbed a mentally ill Kenyan woman as a suspect in the murder. 

The Garda Síochána (Irish Police) are yet to comment on the new evidence.

Meanwhile, his grieving family who have spoken to this publication have said Mzoma was not involved in any drug syndicate.

They have also revealed that the 27-year-old was to become a dad with his partner Shuko.

During a funeral service held in Dublin at the weekend, said his heartbroken partner Shuko is pregnant.

The family’s eulogy reportedly said “He was a partner and a father to be to his unborn child. The hope of being a dad excited Robert. His murder has robbed him of his dream. With Limbani, his life was full of zest, never a dull moment. He had a great passion for outdoor life. His partner will greatly miss him”

A GoFundMe page, set up to raise money to help bring Robert’s body back home, raised over €5,600 (K4.6million) out of a target of €7,000 (K5.7 million).

Mzoma’s body arrives in Malawi today for burial.