Chilima promises construction of public flats


UTM leader, Saulos Chilima says he will construct multi-storey apartment buildings in townships across Malawi to provide families with modern houses to live in once he is voted into power.

He was speaking at Nyambadwe School Ground during a United Transformation Movement rally.

Chilima promised to construct the flats.

According to Chilima, the plan is that people renting the flats should in the long run become owners of the flats which will be constructed through Malawi Housing Corporation.

“In the end we will be able to demolish substandard houses and replace them with modern houses. This can be done in townships such as Ndirande, Chibanja and Kawale,” he said.

He added that construction of the apartment buildings will create jobs for people and space for other facilities such as markets and schools.

He also claimed that if he is elected in 2019, his government will provide anti-malaria drugs for free in all hospitals to eradicate theft of the drugs in the country.

On driving licences, Chilima said his administration will change laws which require driving licences to be renewed every two years saying a lot of people use the licenses to get employment opportunities.

“Laws should help citizens so we will do something about the law requiring people to renew their driving licences,” Chilima said.

In his speech, Chilima also reiterated plans to increase enrolment in universities, to curb corruption and to empower businesspersons.




  1. He hard morden thinking and good vision for my beloved country such people are one in million you deserve to be number one citizen in 2019 may the good lord continue equip you with wisdom, good luck

  2. Sir Mr Chilima ,

    All these ideas are indeed very attractive. You worry me though! this i Malawi! we do not have the budgets that all this innovation will require! How the hell are you going to do all this? Please stop promising Malawians things you cant deliver! Food, Health and education is mandatory but Malawi has not even got enough money to meet that!!!

    Sir what is needed is improving management and changing the mindset of people so they can be the very source of these developments but promising pie in the sky like this is dreaming!! dreaming big time and you will have a lot of disappointed followers Sir! Stop it! get realistic! We want proper opposition to DPP so we can improve our country! stop lying!

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