Chinese patriotism impresses APM: urges Malawians to emulate

President Arthur Peter Mutharika has asked Malawians to emulate Chinese patriotism for the country to develop.

Mutharika made the remarks at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe upon arrival from China where he went to attend Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

Kondwani Nankhumwa welcomes Mutharika at the airport.

The Malawi’s first citizen said that he is impressed with how China has rapidly developed within a short period and attributed it to patriotism and loyalty of Chinese people to the Asian country.

He then asked Malawians to emulate the patriotism and loyalty of Chinese citizens so that the country can develop like China.

“The people of China work together and are disciplined in their conduct. That is why China has developed at a faster rate and Malawi should emulate the good behaviour from China,” he said.


While in China, the president met Chinese investors and encouraged them to invest in Malawi. Mutharika said one energy organization has promised to implement projects in the country.

During his visit, Mutharika had an audience with President Xin Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and during the meeting the Chinese leader said the bilateral ties between China and Malawi will continue flourishing.

From September 4 to 5, Mutharika attended this years’ FOCAC which was held under the theme “China and Africa: Towards an even stronger community with a shared future through win-win cooperation.



  1. When are we going to do. Always let’s emulate. What will be emulated from Malawi by other countries ( corruption and fraud ).
    PATRIOTISM ????!!!!! Malawians is a big problem starting from the grass root level.
    Including myself is a problem. The question is what have I done to develop my country? Its only the murmurs

  2. The fact is that chinese loans are of a high interest and high cost as the chinese come amd builds cheap infrastructure using theie own labour and most materials therefore the loan is of a high advantage to china.. China doeesnt but democracy..human rights and accountability as conditions foe the loans and therefore the projects which it funds are not exacrly what the people would benefit from but however what the government official would bwlwnwfit from..thats why we got a new parliament building…a stadium …why other country started with a state of the art hospital..instead of a parliament building..and factories to manufactore some goods and employ people instead of a footbal stadium..not everybody loves football. China is lensing money mwa katapila in very high interest to boost ita economy when thigs go is also unvalueing natural resources therefore getting them cheapely..however the chinese believe “gifts” so for every loan we decide to get from china..senior government official will receive things like a house..iefor every university they build or for every high i terest rate the malawi gocernment officials agrees to they will be build houses.

  3. Do not compare Malawi and China. China was civilized before the Europe and America. Its a center of early civilization. Do not compare a frog to an elephant just because both have four legs.

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