PAC to hold national day of prayers ahead of the 2019 general elections

Pac meeting

The multi-religious grouping Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is yet to set a day on national day of prayers a head of the 2019 tripartite elections.

Speaking in an interview Wednesday PAC Chief Executive Director Robert Phiri said the religious body is set to host a national day of prayers in October with the date to be communicated later, where 2019 tripartite Elections will top petition list.

“There are plans to host National prayers, and preparations are underway. One of our agenda is meeting with presidential candidates from all political parties’ where among other items to be discussed is advocating for peace during the 2019 tripartite polls.”

The PAC leadership will hold national prayers.

“When we are done with the preparations we will announce the date and the theme but possibly this will be between October and November” Explained Phiri

Apart from the national day of prayers PAC will also be hosting prayers often times until 2019, so that God should grant us peaceful and fair elections. Added Phiri

Commenting on the development, Chancellor College based Political analyst, Professor Mustafa Hussein, said there is a need for people to be patriotic and pray for the country with sincerity and has advised politicians to fulfill their promises to the people.

“This has come at a good time where our country is truly in need of serious prayers, I am saying this because all Malawians have seen the political violence we have had, people being beaten up, cars being torched thus a clear indication that these politicians have lost the sense of human”

“We should all together as Malawians keep  on praying for our country, most of these politicians have shifted to fulfill their personal interest that serving the common interest of the people,” said Hussein.

PAC has been one of the influential groups in the country where among other issues it thrown its weight behind the anti-government protests which Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) organized on 27th of April this year.