MEC registers over 30 thousand voters in three days


Promising numbers are turning up for the fifth phase of voter registration which is underway in some of the southern region districts of Balaka, Neno, Thyolo, Luchenza Municipal, Phalombe and Mulanje.

At the moment, Phalombe district has already registered more than 30 thousand people in its centers for the past 3 days.

District Civic Education Officer for National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) trust in Phalombe, James Chimpeni said that the data which has been collected for the past 3 days gives hope that at the end of the exercise Phalombe will get a better percentage of voters.

Voter registration in the firth phase now.

“According to the data which has been collected for the past 3 days people are coming in large numbers in all the centers and there is a very good turn up. We are very much sure that those people who are eligible are very excited with the exercise and this will give us a good percentage at the end of the exercise.” Chimpeni said.

Chimpeni added that so far they have not had any problems concerning the exercise and it is their hope that people should continue registering in large numbers as they have done in the first days.

“Civic voter education started sometime back before the exercise and we just need to intensify on the voter education so that those who have not registered should go and register before the closing day” he said. He urged those that have not registered to go and register other than waiting for the last day of the exercise.

The fifth phase of voter registration exercise started on the 02nd September and will close on the 15th September this year.


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  1. Keep it in mind inu a mitundu yonse, ife alhomwe alo zingavute bwanji sitimatayana. ndipo tikalembetsa mwa unyinji ndikukavoteranso mwa unyinji. osati ngati achitira a mitundu ina ya chigawo cha pakati.

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