Khuda Muyaba retires from national team without kicking a ball

Khuda Muyaba

Others retire from the national team after having a taste of how good it feels to represent their country but that’s not the case with Silver Strikers forward Khuda Muyaba who has announced his retirement from the senior national team without even playing for the team.

The former Moyale Barracks striker made the announcement using the social network site, Facebook, saying he is tired with people who don’t value his contributions to football, especially in the domestic flight where he feels he is better than some of the players who have made it into Ronny Van Geneudgen’s final list to play Morocco in the 2019 African Cup of Nations qualifiers this coming weekend.

Khuda Muyaba
Khuda Muyaba makes the announcement.

“Thanks for those who support Khudah Ikenna Muyawa retired for playing international games, I am done with Flames,” said his Facebook post.

Muyaba was called into RVG’s preliminary squad before being dropped last week. This was the second time for the forward to cause a social media storm.

Prior to his move to Silver Strikers from Moyale Barracks earlier this year, Muyaba blasted his former employers for an alleged mistreatment when he was denied an opportunity to join a Mozambican club.

He also announced his resignation from the military using his Facebook account before being fired by the Malawi Defence Force (MDF).



  1. As a player of that level
    You should be able to know that it happens but the solution is not like that. If your memory can take you years back before you were spotted by a supper league club you will realise that some of your peers who played better than you were not picked by big clubs. Football is just a luck. Like picking a good job does not mean a person was the most intelligent in class.

  2. Days of Malawi National Soccer Team is so gone and forgotten l hope it’s time for Malawians to wake up and start supporting Malawi Queens.

  3. Sorry khuda. Up to that level of playing in top national league you still don’t understand that to get a position sometimes depend on many factors. Even enafe matimu a supper league tinkawafuna koma tinamvetsa kuti mwai siunali wathu pamene enanu mumalowa mumatimu akuluakulu koma tinkaona kuti tinkakuposani maseweredwe. That’s football. Even some EPL players are worse than the chesters, chiukepos, kaliatis. That’s the irony of football. As a player you should accept that. Just apologize to flames technical panel and entire Malawi nation and start afresh.

  4. Khuda bra dont give coz next time you Will be given a chance to play for the flames. You haven’t made any history in national team so just focus you will make it .

  5. We have seen good players being called and left out of national teams but never in there life gave up on there dream. This step you have taken it shows that you don’t deserve a place in the team, your not a fighter and you can’t fight for a place in team and that means you can’t fight for FLAMES. We saw great players who were left out of world cup but they never made this noise your making. 1. Radja Nainggolan, 2. Leroy Sane, 3. Mario Gotze 4. Anthony Martial 5. Karim Benzema 6. Alexandre Lacazette just to mention a few. Khuda discipline is vital to every career we have seen to what happened to Mario Balotteli these have to be mistakes you have to learn from.

    Ozichepesa azakwezedwa

  6. You going no where brother with that attitude, nothing comes easy, you wait for your moment; you were not the only player who was dropped from Camp. The fact that you were called into Camp that shows that the Coach knows about your skills but you do not have experience Internationally.

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