JB says PP has learnt its lesson


Former President Joyce Banda says her People’s Party (PP) has learnt its lesson after ruling Malawi for two years and being an opposition party over the past four years.

Speaking at the People’s Party convention in Blantyre, Banda said her party will now introduce a new agenda for Malawi called phase two which will focus on prosperity for all people.

“We have learnt our lesson in government and in the party. The PP is proposing a new agenda which we call phase two. Prosperity for All,” she said.

Joyce Banda eyes victory in the next polls.

Banda led Malawi from April 2012 to May 2014. She lost the presidency to Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) Peter Mutharika in the 2014 elections.

During her two year term there were revelations of massive corruption in government.

But at the PP convention today Banda touted achievements made during her rule.

According to Banda, she solved the problem of fuel scarcity and electricity blackouts.

The ex-Malawi leader is also hailed for putting in place measures to end shortage of foreign currency and to restore relations with development partners as well as introducing pro-poor programmes.

Her government also focused on women and according to Banda, through the Presidential Initiative on Safe Motherhood the PP admnistration managed to reduce maternal mortality from 675 per 100,000 to 460 per 100,000 births.

“Maternal mortality rates were reduced because we started working closely with traditional leaders,” she said.

At the convention, Banda is expected to retain her position as PP president and she will also be the party’s presidential candidate in the 2019 elections.



  1. No one is perfect your were better than what is happening now chase your dream

  2. Mama kunena zoona limbani mtima game imatha mu 90+minutes we are here behind you..

  3. Good that you have learnt. We will teach you another lesson. Go into Malawi’s history. We want a better future for us.

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