Circumcisers wound 12 year old boy


A manhunt is underway in Chikwawa for a group of people who wounded a 12-year-old boy accused of revealing secrets of an initiation camp.

This occurred on Monday evening at Mikadzu Village in the area of Traditional Authority Maseya in the district.

According to Chikwawa police station spokesperson Foster Benjamin, the boy is said to have undergone the rite of passage and graduated on Saturday.

After the graduation, which was spiced by music and dance, he is said to have mobilised his friends most of whom are uninitiated.

He began narrating to them the goings-on at the ‘simba’.

The freshly graduated initiate went on showing the uncircumcised friends a scar on his member where he got circumcised.

He further revealed that a traditional camp was nothing but a place full of myth where no honey is eaten despite a widely held belief.

This, apparently angered, a group of circumcisers who went on a search for the boy.

They dragged him back into the old camp where they flogged him after tying him up, leaving him severely injured.

He was rushed to the district’s hospital after getting a referral letter from the police.

Police have since mounted a search for the perpetrators.

They will face unlawful wounding charges.