Boxer quits in fifth round


A Liwonde based boxer quit in the fifth round of a non-title bout saying his opponent is heavier than him.

During the fight that took place in Mzuzu, boxer Juma Jack surrendered in the fifth round to give his opponent Lewis Nkhata the win.

The bout that attracted many boxing lovers started with Lewis putting hard punches to Jack who several times found himself at the corner of the ring.

In the 5th round, Jack raised his hand to signal that he could not continue with the bout. All three judges declared Nkhata as a winner.

In an interview, Jack said his opponent is heavier than him and he only agreed to fight because he did not want to disappoint the promoter.

“Am weighing 71kgs and my opponent is weighing 77kgs so you can see there is a big difference between us,” said Jack.

On his part, Nkhata said he is looking forward to the next bout against Felix Mwamaso on 30th September this year.

“Honestly I am happy for the result as I said before this bout that Juma will not end all rounds. I am now looking forward for the next bout against Felix Mwamaso, although he is my teacher but everything will happen on that day,” said Nkhata.

Before the main bout there was a supporting fight between Yahaya Mwaipopa and Omali Saidi which Mwaipopa won on points.

Willard Mwamlima who owns Baghdad Mwamlima boxing promotion said he is organising another bout on 2nd of September between Laston Kaira and Israel Kamwamba.