Malawi Govt mocked over China’s 20 tablet donation


Malawians have mocked Malawi Government for organising an event just to receive 20 Android tablets for the 2018 population and housing census from the Chinese government.

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Goodall Gondwe presided over the function which was also attended by National Statistical Office (NSO) Commissioner Mercy Kanyuka and Chinese Ambassador to Malawi Liu Hong Yong.

Gondwe received the tablets.

Malawi Government tweeted on its official twitter handle @MalawiGovt that People’s Republic of China donated 20 tablets to Malawi Government through the National Statistical Office (NSO) for the 2018 Population and Housing Census.

Reacting to the tweet, Malawians took a swipe at government and some are suspected that government officials organised the event just to share allowances.

“I am sure the mission is fuel, accommodation and allowances cost more than 5 million! AID is indeed equal to outsourcing thinking. This is a joke of the year. Very sad day for my beloved country. Only in Malawi do 20 tablets make the news,” said one Malawian in a tweet.

“Do you people have nothing to do? Is this worth a ceremony? Tell the Chinese to go to NSO in Zomba and deliver the tablets. Stop wasting executive time. Bingu [wa Mutharika] (RIP) could have slapped all of you right now,” tweeted another Malawian.

While Thom Kamanga said: “A whole ministry mobilised for 20 Chinese Android tablets?”

According to government, the tablets which are worth K4.3 million have come direct from Huawei Technologies.

Speaking when he received the tablets, Gondwe thanked the Chinese government saying the gadgets will assist Malawi during the census.

The United Kingdom recently gave Malawi 15,000 tablets while the Malawi Government bought 5,000 tablets to bring the total to 20,000 tablets that are required to run the whole Census programme.

Government has provided 55 percent of the funding for the 2018 Population and Housing Census with partners supporting the balance.



  1. Come on be serious. The whole minister just to receive tablets. I know the issue is ma allowance here. Dyeranituni tionana pa 21may

  2. This is the reason why these old fellas need to go. By the way, Gondwe was excited because he never learned under the tablet and computer revolution during his tertiary attendance. No news here to smile about.Matter of fact, the Chinese must have supplied the cheapest Huawei. The best Huawei tablet which costs around $500 is Huawei Mediapad m5 with an Lte capability.. Is this the one in the picture?

  3. Criminals faking everything I think we need to take action against these pple once and for all

  4. Malawi as a countty timaonedwa uchitsilu..countries like botswana ..namibia are respected…i am sorry but a global giant like china can not table an item in their parliament or foreign affairs or finance dept on a donation of afew tablets.. the chines donated a brand new regional aircraft to zimbabwe seating over 40 people..i u r a respected country u dont get zikokoto…masache…bwemba..malambe as donations u get..cement…diesel…medicine….as donation…we need to negotiate a deal to receive 20 chinese dentists..50 doctors…we need skills ..zomlandora zonthu zoola or sipuni ya sugar as donation zisiyike..mugabe ankakana chimanga cha gmo as donations and was also refusing used clothes..i know he didnt have a better solution but atleast osamatitengela pa mtoso can almost 2 billion people donate 20 tableta..chinese made not even Apple. Nothig wrong with th3 Chinese donating however it should be the Headmaster of a school receiving 20 tableta..for example and if it was between 50_100 i would say Destrict Education Officer..level and over 200 MMinister level..tikadzatukuka then a new school will be receoved by a minister the president will never have to be that fool receiving donations ..its like an able bodied man ..a head of a family receiving mkute or mbale ya mpunga and he kneels down to receive it its painful for the state to be a beggar state. IN PAKISTAN the new prime minister has promised to delivery an improvement on self reliance he has said he is a proud man and cant lead a beggar nation..he isnt happy that o ly 1 percent pay tax..same as in india..the population invade tax..goveentment doesnt collect enough taxes..people have to take the hit if the govt can deliver and isnt corrupt the tax can be used better. The luxury houses and cars and luxury offices u gove to an army General doesnt contribute to the economy or the security of the country..instead buying an earo survellance system or 10 pistols instead can contribute better..theres too many afew fat old people wastin malawis resources. Chilima has made a good move howwver poarching in MCP areas or opposition areas wont help..this is mathematics..the only way the opposition can win is if it fields one candidate i.e if chilima joined MCP and he ifested udf and DPP areas.otherwise MCP and Chilimi are all doing a ” chamisa”..please ask john tembo..nzeru nzayekha

  5. How about we stop these donations. Rich countries should be sending professors or doctors to teach for free in Malawi, would call that a lasting donation but beggars don’t choose but atleast, ask us first, like what we really need

  6. Guys tell me you are mean this old fools they mobilise themselves just to receive 20 Android tablet? We will meet 21 may 2019 no wonder malawi is still poor after 54 years of independent this kind of mentality

  7. Government Ministers have better things to do ….and not this time wasting

  8. What happened to directors and their deputies when a whole minister has to preside over such a mundane function?

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