Chilima attacks DPP on failed promises


Vice President Saulos Chilima has attacked the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) by reminding the party to be concentrating on fulfilling the promises it made to Malawians.

Chilima made the remarks during the launch of his United Transformation Party (UTM) in Mangochi.

Saulos Chilima

Has slammed Mutharika.

Reacting to President Peter Mutharika’s remarks that UTM can’t create 1 million jobs in one year, Chilima told the DPP to leave the task to UTM and concentrate on its unfulfilled promises.

During the launch, Chilima said Mutharika and the DPP should aim at fulfilling 2014 promises such as constructing 1000 houses for police officers and constructing Chileka International Airport.

Chilima then promised that if UTM gains power Mangochi will be declared a city assembly as it is the case with other coastal cities in South Africa and Tanzania.

The Veep also vowed that one day he will be forced to disclose what was once discussed between him and others in private if the ruling party’s habit of telling people lies continues.



  1. Eish!!!!!this drama group ,,,,too greedy and frustrated politicians.tikuonetsani 2019.muwafunse anzanu onse omwe anathawa chipani mu 2014 kuti zinawathera bwanji?DPP ikumvetsani kuwawa

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