JTI resumes buying Malawi’s green gold


Tobacco Farmers who were dumped by  Japan Tobacco International (JTI) leaf  Malawi can now hold a smile after the company announced that it has reversed its decision of stopping to buy the country’s green gold.

Weeks ago JTI announced that it has stopped buying tobacco arguing that farmers failed to honor their quota agreement.

Malawi Tobacco

Malawi tobacco farmers can now wear a smile.(File)

Three weeks after the announcement, JTI has announced that sales are to resume on Tuesday after consultations with stakeholders.

Tobacco Control Commission (TCC) in Malawi has confirmed to have received a communication of resumption of tobacco buying.

Malawi Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Joseph Mwanamvekha has applauded the decision of resuming   of sales of the contract tobacco at auction floors by JTI.

“That’s a positive development, am quite happy that they will start buying,” said Mwanavekha on the local press.

JTI is a cigarette manufacturing company. It is part of the Nikkel 225 index.