Chilima refuses to resign


Vice President Saulos Chilima has said he cannot resign from his position despite calls from government for him to step down.

In an interview with Times TV on Saturday, the vice president said he will not step down because he still has a contract with Malawians who are the ones who elected him to his position.

Saulos Chilima

Chilima: I will not resign.

On Friday, several cabinet ministers held a press conference in Lilongwe to call on the vice president to resign saying he is opposing policies championed by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

But Chilima said his contract with Malawians runs up to May, 2019 so he cannot dump Malawians before working for the whole five year term.

“Being critical to government is not a valid reason for telling me to resign. Let people have their opinions but I also have mine. When I decide to leave this position, I will do it because I was not born as vice president. We need to help Malawians so that they should know the truth,” said Chilima.

On which duties he is now carrying out, Chilima said he still goes to his office to assist and advise wherever necessary. He added that he will continue going to his office because he know his roles as vice president.

During the interview, Chilima also promised that if elected president he will not protect any person accused of corruption, whether the person is his relative or President Peter Mutharika.

“There will be no protection.  How would I protect anyone when the laws say a person involved in corruption should be tried?” he said.

Chilima left the DPP recently and is now president of United Transformation Party. He is expected to address Malawians at the party’s rally today.



  1. It’s about time we have a brave Malawian like Dr Chilima. Do not be afraid sir…the whole world is watching. They can’t touch you. Keep on with the grown man moves.

  2. It’s about time we have a brave Malawian as Dr Chilima. Do not be afraid sir…the whole world is watching. They can’t touch. Keep on with the grown man moves.

  3. It looks like the trend is set that the survival of VP in Malawi is establishing their own political party or movement. I look forward to the time when a VP or any party member will mobilize from within his sponsored party towards the transformation touted by UTM. The day that will happen will mark the maturity of Malawi politics. Of course any VP has the right to his or her own exit political strategy but the trend set robs Malawi of use of established political parties as arenas or platforms for genuine reforms and continuity for social and economic development of our people. Over 50 years, Malawi political parties have failed to attract, nurture and grow talent from within. What’s the point of hand picking a VP whom the seating president won’t talk to somewhere in the middle of their political journey. Yes others will say it is how politics work, my opinion is it is bad politics that work that way.

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