Chilima is our next president – Malawian gospel artist

Saulos Chilima

Days after legendary musician Lucius Banda released a song praising the leader of United Transformation Movement (UTM) Dr Saulos Chilima, Lilongwe based gospel singer has followed suit.

Frank Waya released a song entitled “Saulos Chilima” on Friday, 27th July through Malawi music dot com.

Frank waya
Waya: Chilima is a suitable person for the presidency

According to Waya, Chilima has all the capabilities needed for one to be the president. In an interview with the local media, he said that his interest is to support the vice president after listening to some of his public speeches.

“I have been observing Chilima for quite a long time. In my observations, I figured out that he is really a suitable person for the presidency. Chilima is humble, confident and also an intelligent person, “he said.

When asked if he is confident that Chilima will come out as a victor in the forthcoming elections, Waya said: “Frankly speaking Chilima is our next president whether someone wants it or not Chilima is ruling the country after the elections next year.”

Waya sings in the song: “David wathu lero ndi Chilima/ Malawi sankha mwanzeru usapuse/ Usapepere ndi awo amabodza/ Ndikale lija Malawi changamuka/ Ino ndi nthawi zinthu zako zisintha/ zokuba ndalama kupha albino/ Malawi dzuka Saulos wafika/ Uyu ndiye wopukuta misozi.”

The Area 23 resident is therefore urging Malawians to register so that they should be able to cast their votes in May next year.

He further promises his fans a DVD which will drop soon as well as other projects which he did not disclose.



  1. Zachamba zokha zokha chilima ndi mbava yothelatu amalawife sitiziwa kuchimina mwayiwala zomwe anapanga

  2. We are waiting what he is promising us more especially youth

  3. But guys is there anyone still prefer DPP? Unless if you are eating together with these crooks

  4. Palibe amwene munabwera kuno kuzasaka osati kuthawa atsogoleri mmene mukuneneramo ,zangokukwanani zakuno ingopitani mukapumile magobo

  5. Whether one likes or not Chilima is next president ….Rubbish… so you think poor peoples votes are not necessary …. for how long will you keep rigging elections…. this time around you have goofed because we are closely monitoring your actitivities

  6. Anyone who leads Malawi going forward should know people are so fed up with stinking corruption. No one should rule this country on free for all ever again. And I must also warn those aspiring to rule this country including Chilima that people are tirelessly petitioning God so be aware our case is before the Father, just change your ways and be good leaders

  7. It’s too late for what so called chilima to be the President of Malawi. I know these stupid musicians will sing to praise this a**hole just to get money. Please if u praise a human being think of the poor in Malawi. Is not L. Banda said he will not sing a song to praise a person rather than praise God after Bingu dumped them n what he is doing. Idiot!!!

  8. Welcome Chilima you are doing atremendors job to prepare a smooth way for Lazaraus Chakwela..because he is the chosen one…MCP led by Chakwela is one and Malawi’s hope….MCP woyeeee

  9. Malawians need an honest, God fearing leader to transform the country’s economy in order to uplift the nation

  10. What a stupid argument – Chilima has been in DPP. When did he become better?

  11. Am also amalawian and I came here to South Africa just to ran way my country because of usesly political has been taken at Malawi for long but now when I eating about this new president to be coming and his speeches i think to come back home

  12. Whether one likes or not Chilima will be the next president….. Rubbish !!!! ..if you think poor peoples votes are not necessary then you’re fooling yourself….. it seems your rigging plans are now in place …but let me tell you ..your chilima will not succeed to rig the votes again we are observing..

  13. Whether one likes or not Chilima is our next president.!!…Rubbish then go and vote yourself… because if people vote or not he will be our next president…..

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