Chilima eats into MCP

Saulos Chilima Richard Msowoya

The United Transformation Movement ( UTM) has gotten a huge boost ahead of the 2019 elections with top politicians announcing their joining of the movement.

Richard Msowoya
Chilima Captures Msowoya

Speaker of Parliament, Richard Msowoya has joined the movement, reports say.

Msowoya announced recently he had bowed out of the opposition Malawi Congress Party ( MCP) after he had fallen out of favour of the Vice President post to business magnet Sidik Mia.

Msowoya has along with other defectors from the MCP joined the movement whose leadership is tilted to Vice President Saulos Chilima who also fell victim of the similar ordeal for Msowoya.

Chilima was pushed by a fast developing faction to break away from the DPP and its leader Peter Mutharika, whom the faction wanted to be replaced by the Vice President.

UTM will be launched in Blantyre and Lilongwe later this month.

Another capture

It comes as a force to the the DPP and MCP ahead of the 2019 elections where Malawians for the second time running will be voting for a President, Members of Parliament and Ward Councillors.



  1. I’m supporting Chilima just because I hv not seen what he gonna do. I’m condainming Peter because I hv seen his nothingness to Malawians.

  2. It’s time for young people we’re tired with magogo madala

  3. Kutabwera DEPECO Amalawi adathamangirako amayesa kulindalama atawona kuti kulibe anabwelela muzipani zawo ena analowa zipani zina komaso ndale sichibale ena ama join chipani kufunakukaba imfor ndiye osamangoti talandila awa mulandila njoka zodya chipani

  4. This is the future of Malawi,we need fresh blood to be policy makers so as all their decision should be of benefits to the future generation without compromising the needs of the present generation

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