Mutharika dismisses K145 million bribe claim


President Peter Mutharika has described revelations that he was given a K145 million bribe as fake news.

Speaking to Reuters, Mutharika said he did not personally benefit from the money and people who are saying he did are peddling lies.


Peter Mutharika

Mutharika: I did not benefit in any way from the contract.

“I did not personally benefit in any way from the contract and that’s why I am concerned about the lack of truth. I am worried about what our country has become in as far as peddling of fake news on social media is concerned,” he told Reuters.

Mutharika then accused his political opponents of concocting the story in order to hurt his chances of winning the 2019 elections.

A leaked report by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) mentioned Mutharika as a beneficiary of stolen funds. According to the report, businessman Zameer Karim was fraudulently awarded a K2.3 billion contract and he used the deal to defraud government of K466 million.

Days after receiving payment for delivering ration packs under the contract, Karim deposited K145 million into a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) account whose sole signatory is Mutharika. K65 million was withdrawn from the account after Karim had deposited the money.

Speaking to Reuters, Karim said his company Pioneer Investment was awarded the contract ‘after a rigorous process’.

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