Bushiri: Malawi will be a regional business hub

Shepherd Bushiri

Major One to invest in Malawi

South Africa-based Malawian billionaire, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, has said Malawi is growing into a business hub of the sub-Saharan Africa region.

Shepherd Bushiri
Major one (left)

Major One, as he is fondly referred to by his stout followers, ‘prophesied’ when he attended the Malawi Investment Forum (MIF) currently underway in Lilongwe.

“This is the first time that I am coming to Malawi to take part in the investment forum. What I have seen is very pleasant, I have been taken by surprise. I have no doubt in five or 10 years Malawi will be one of the growing business hubs in this part of Africa,” he told reporters.

In the past, Bushiri had sour relationship with government., also revealed that he will be investing in the country as the political environment has changed.

“I was aallowed to sit in the front row, a clear indication that my country has accepted me. I am a Malawian, this is my home. I have a house here and I come every month. If we cooperate and work as a team we can move this country from its current state to prosperous country,” he added.



  1. That’s great papa bring it on, time has that the righteous might rule the world as it is spoken by our ancestors prophet isaiah,I love you PAPA my father my father Ak47, may your God remember me iyeeee

  2. Ngakhale ena munyoze motani, ndiza supporter major 1 nthawi zonse mphawi samayamika zabwino koma jealous. Papa bwelani muzapange chitukuko mziko lanu. God bless you.

  3. we are proud to have our own thief like you. An international trickster, man ndinu katundu.

  4. Why should anyone believe a single word that comes out of the mouth of the greatest liar and fraud in africa. Nobody should trust bushiri in any way at all. S Africa dont want him, Zambia dont want him Botswana dont want him.Why should malawi tolerate this false prophet ?

  5. I thank God for Major one’s life, may your God continue to protect you my father. Long live!!

  6. Iyhee Power , I feel happy for your country Papa to finally come to senses , having a relationship with you and the anointing that your God gave you , has lifters me from glory to glory,I am at peace,l love you Papa and Mama and there is nothing you can do about it.Shalom

  7. Major 1 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, leads by example…He touched the hearts of those in His ministry first with Beacon of Hope in His home village….praying for His country is not a suprise….Fight him, you will definitely look for Him..He is a forgiving true Prophet of God…
    I love you so much my Prophet…
    Divine Encyclopaedia…please let your God enlarge my territory

  8. You go papa. The bible says trust in God and you shall be established and believe in your prophet and you shall be prosper. And that is what we must do as the word. Love you Papa

  9. Proud to your daughter major1 I’m happy for Malawi my God Lord bless you more Daddy u are a blessing in our lives

  10. Proud to your daughter major1 I’m happy for Malawi my God Lord bless you more Daddy u are a blessing in our lives

  11. I’m proud to called ur daughter Daddy what u are doing in people’s lives my God Lord bless you abondendely u are a blessing in many people lives im happy for you Malawi

  12. Bushiri came to SA, bewitched and fooled miracle lovers. He steals their money and take it back to his country to grow their economy. I pray that oneday SA people will see the truth. Your own pastors who raised you and your children are suffering while you feed Bushiri.

  13. At last Malawi understand that Bushiri is the servant of God. So let’s be so to others.God bless you Malawi.

  14. At last Malawi understand that Bushiri is the servant of God. So let’s be so to others.God bless you Malawi.

  15. Do it my papa, major one.It is is exciting to be under this ministry.

  16. Good for you papa you are a life saver.May God bless you and your family.lovu you!

  17. Daddy I’m proud to be your daughter, and may God Almighty keep on doing more, I trust you!

  18. My father congratulations so happy for you. Really the hand of God is upon you. God bless you more papa

  19. I am very happy wat u did my spiritual father i trust ur God wen he talk something it can happen. I love u my papa may good Lord bless u nd ur family with lots of favour

  20. May God continue to Increase you Daddy, You are a breath of Fresh Air in these shores of Africa.
    Malek Shalom

  21. My father Major 1.Im really proud to be your daughter you have made a mark in both coporate world and spiritual world.God be with you and your family love u Papa.

  22. If the government will change Malawi will also change.
    But if it is the same current government Malawi will never change.
    We need that kind of young visionary people in Malawi not selfish people

  23. My spiritual father I’m so happy and proud of you .
    You are my inspiration as young as you are.
    Africa at large is honoured to have you, may the God of the holy ghost continue to bless you abundantly…
    I love you & your family

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