Foot and mouth disease extend to Ntcheu, Dedza

Malawi Cattle

Days after hitting the commercial city of Blantyre and Neno districts, the foot and mouth disease has now affected livestock in Dedza and Ntcheu districts.

This is according to secretary for the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, Nyandule Phiri.

Phiri said new cases have been recorded in Linthipe and Bembeke Extension Planning Areas (EPA’s) in Dedza district and Njolomole EPA in Ntcheu district.

Malawi Cattle
Under attack.

“The ministry wishes to inform the general public that it has also established new FMD cases in Linthipe and Bembeke Extension Planning Areas (EPAs) in Dedza district; and Njolomole EPA in Ntcheu district,” said Phiri.

He said the ministry has instituted control measures in all the affected areas to contain the new FMD outbreak.

The secretary added that the ministry has suspended all livestock (cattle, goats, sheep and pig) markets and slaughters and has also restricted livestock and livestock products movement from and into the affected areas.

Furthermore, issuance of livestock movement permits from the affected areas has also been banned.

The ministry also said following the outbreaks it has commenced vaccination campaigns in all the affected areas.

Meanwhile, the ministry has urged affected livestock farmers and the general public to cooperate with its officials and security officers including the Police during the implementation of measures aimed at dealing with the outbreak.

The ministry has since assured the general public that following the commencement of the vaccination campaign, the FMD outbreaks will be contained as soon as possible.