I was not part of the meeting with APM -Kajoloweka


Human rights activist Charles Kajoloweka has trashed reports that he was part of the secret meeting between President Peter Mutharika and some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

Published reports show that Mutharika met the activists on Tuesday at the Sate House. The reports also claimed that Youth and Society executive director Kajoloweka was among the activists who met Mutharika.

Charles kajoloweka

Kajoloweka has trashed the reports.

Reacting to the reports on his Facebook page, Kajoloweka who is a strong critic of Mutharika said the claims are a desperate attempt to dent his image.

“Reports suggesting I was part of the said secret meeting at State House are not only false but also utterly rubbish.

“It is part of their evil war against those of us participating in the frontline accountability struggle in this country,’’ said Kajoloweka.

He added that he was in Mzuzu on the day Mutharika met the CSOs.
Kajoloweka then challenged State House to reveal names of the activists who met Mutharika describing the CSO leaders as sellouts.

“We all know they will not officially publish names of those sellouts. These are individuals who sold their souls to Mutharika long time ago and continue to betray the accountability struggle in Malawi,” he said.
The activist also assured Malawians that he will never be bought by the DPP government
“I insist they will not succeed in buying some of us. I will be last to romance the devil. This is a lifetime commitment to myself, my family and my country. Let Mutharika and his idiots at State House accept this,” said Kajoloweka.



  1. idiots at state house?that’s derogatory or hate speech definetily! regardless of whatever our stance is but believe it pple there are some honest pple at that house n it’s wrong to collectively brand them idiots

  2. Kajoloweka learn to use right words it’s not to be ediot to meet the president u can do that for the better of your country you can refuse to be to be given money but u can meet him nd tell us wt news was it all about umbuli eti

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