AFORD faction insists Chihana is still president


Disagreements are continuing in Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) as a faction led by Enoch Chihana has insisted that the Rumphi Central Parliamentarian is still president of the party.

Speaking during a press briefing at Chihana’s house in Lilongwe today, Precious Chisi who said he is vice president of the party claimed that Chihana is the legitimate president of AFORD.

Chisi(right): Chihana is the legitimate president.

Chisi added that everyone is recognising Chihana as the president because he is the only one who was elected at the convention which was conducted at Don Bosco in Lilongwe.

“We are hearing many reports about Frank Mwenifumbo. He is just a young man who was appointed by people from nowhere to be the president. We also know that he has bribed people which is tarnishing our image as Aford,” said Chjisi.

Yesterday, Mwenifumbo’s camp gave Chihana 30 days to stop claiming that he is AFORD president but Chisi said Chihana will not stop.

He added that the party does not have an office in Lilongwe although Mwenifumbo is claiming to have opened one in Area 49.

Chisi however said they will not take any action against Mwenifumbo because they are democratic and they will try their level best to resolve their disagreements.

The party organised a convention on May 1 but voting failed to take place due to disagreements over delegates.

The next day Mwenifumbo’s camp organised a convention where the Karonga Central legislator was elected president. Chihana’s camp also held another convention and he was elected president.


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