Chaponda found with no case to answer

George Chaponda

Zomba magistrate court today has acquitted minister of agriculture, irrigation and water development George Chaponda on all three corruption related charges levelled against him.

The chief magistrate Paul Chiotcha told the court today that Chaponda has no case to answer on charges of giving false information to Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), influencing a public officer to misuse his position and possession of foreign currency.

George Chaponda
Chaponda acquitted

Chaponda was found with over K124 million and US$57,000 at his house in Area 43 in Malawi’s capital city Lilongwe.

In his defence, Chaponda showed the court a forex permit licence which allowed him to be in possession of the money.

Chiotcha explained that Chaponda was cleared by minister of finance Goodall Gondwe when he testified that he issued a foreign currency permit to Chaponda.

The magistrate added that Chaponda’s false information was not relating to the issue being presented in court.

On the count of influencing public officer to misuse his position, Chiotcha said there is no evidence that Chaponda wanted to influence a public officer.

The chief magistrate also cleared Transglobe boss Rashid Tayub in a case of persuading a public officer to misuse his position.



  1. A legal process! All these facts  I can prophesy,  I see chaponda winning another case against Times. In next year a period like this one he will be a multi-billionaire. This automatically takes out Maizegate as a campaign tool. I see the leader of opposition withdrawing  Maizegate from his response to SONA. I see our foulmouthed CSOs holding  and hiding their tails.

    The strategy has worked out “fund ACB to avoid excuses on this matter ” maintenance of benefit of doubt on chaponda. Teach malawians not to believe every hearsay as a solution to envy, our third enemy emphasised in the Malawi National Anthem.

    Hear what the Finance Minister said.
    29. There has been a lot of discussion over the K4 billion but I
    hope that it can now be seen where this money will come from
    and the fact that it could not have been paid out as the press
    continuously alleged. It only emerged out of the process of
    revising the budget. That is why Mr. Speaker, Sir, when asked
    where the K4 billion would come from, my answer could not be
    understood by the press. In exasperation, I ended by telling one
    of many journalists who interviewed me, that the K4 billion
    came about by magic because they could not understand what
    I was talking about. To my surprise, even some Honourable
    Members believed that this was a serious answer and a political
    capital of it.
    30. Mr. Speaker, Sir, Honourable Members will note from
    Annex I of the financial statement (Document IV) that the revised
    figures that were approved are not very different from the “Likely
    Outturn figures”. As we have always taken the “Likely Outturn”
    figures as good as an actual outturns, I would suggest that wedo the same now. These have been given as part of the data we
    have supplied to Honourable Members. They represent a good
    explanation of how the 2017/18 budget resources were used or
    will be used including the K4 billion which has been transferred
    to the District Commissioners with instructions of how to usethe money and account for it.

    I see those who were matching ashamed.  They approved in parliament and then matched against what they had approved outside parliament. Now the Ministry has deliberately included it. Let’s see them matching against it in parliament.  Big minds at work. I like this. Isolating personal interest from national interest. 

  2. Waste of time and resources. As far as I know Malawi’s politics,no man will be put in jail. People of Malawi don’t wait for the government to do you good. Just work hard and play to your God.
    Days come all things will be good. Use your voice and vote wisely.

  3. Animal Farm, all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.!!!!!!!

  4. Pa Malawi corruption sidzatha. This is an engineered judgment. The Zomba Magistrate who has handled this case is from Thyolo… am not just making this up. He was transferred from Lilongwe Magistrate court to Zomba Magistrate court just a few months ago. Now we see that the transfer was for this case. Shame!!!

  5. Mpachikeni mpachikeni ayuda anaphesa nazo munthu osalakwa. A Malawi let’s learn to take our emotions out on sensitive issues. Tinankuwizatu paja mkuluyu. Lero wawina mulandu. Kenaka pozichosa manyazi tiyamba kunena kuti Ku court kulibe chilungamo. Pa Malawi pa menepo. Nkhwizi zopanda pake.

  6. Justice has prevailed . This matter was politicized even in church. I recall one clergy predicted the acquittal in a mockery manner in church.

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