Youth press council over stadium

Youth in Dowa have called on the district’s council to upgrade a community centre ground in the district.

The young people say the council has for years failed to build a fence around Dowa community centre ground.

Dowa Youths ask district council to upgrade a community centre ground.(File)

According to the youths, in 2015/16 Financial Year, the Dowa District Council was allocated money by Parliament for the District Development Fund (DDF) to implement priority projects one of them being a brick fence construction project for Dowa Community Centre ground in the district.

Three years down the line, the project has not been implemented and the youth were forced to erect a makeshift fence using maize stalks.

Dowa District Youth Group Committee group on Friday met new Dowa District Commissioner Alex Mdooko to remind him about the stadium and other youth programmes.

Acting youth representative to the council, Saidi Black, expressed hope after the meeting that the new Dowa DC will come to their rescue and provide money for the Dowa Stadium project.

Black was elected youth representative to the Dowa District Council after young people in the district accused the previous holder of the position of failing to fight for interests of youths.