Malawians are happier than Rwandans, Tanzanians – UN study

Often touted as model countries for Malawi in Africa, Rwanda and Tanzania have scored less than Malawi on the United Nations happiness index.

However all the three countries have not faired well generally as they are in the bottom ten on the list with Burundi anchoring the table on whose summit is Finland.

According to UN study Malawians are happier than Rwandans and Tanzanians.

According to the BBC, the World Happiness Report measures “subjective well-being” – how happy people feel they are, and why.

This year’s report by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network also features data about the happiness of immigrants in their host countries, with Finland also coming top as home to the happiest immigrants.

Whereas Malawi leads the bottom ten at 147, Rwanda is at 151 and Tanzania is at 153.

Most Malawians have looked at Rwanda and Tanzania as model countries arguing that they have effective systems than Malawi.




  1. Happiness is subjective indeed. One can be very poor yet live happily. If your daily expectation is wake up play bawo eat nsima and get back to bed and you feel OK with that. That’s you. you are happy. The countries you talk about have vibrant economies. To survive you need to engage yourself in some serious economic activity otherwise your family will perish. Malawians we are losers. We accept our fate easily. Look at us. Someone makes us drink mixed with sewerage we are OK. Someone steals our taxes we defend him. So how can we not be branded as happy.

  2. Why do you Malawians compare yourselves to Rwanda when did you have wars and for how long?

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