Malawian Connie Chiume shines in Black Panther


Finding yourself among Hollywood movie enthusiasts in Malawi, there is a high probability of having the latest Black Panther movie as the subject of talk. It is another Superhero action with an appetizing cast.

What makes the movie mouthwatering is the appearance of Connie Temweka Gabisile Chiume, a talented half Malawian actress. Although Connie was born and bled in South Africa, she traces her roots to Malawi, being a descendant of Tadeyo Chiume from Usisya Nkhata Bay.

Conie Chiume

Connie as the Mining Tribe elder

Chiume has been cast in Black Panther alongside Hollywood superstars like Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong`o from Kenya, and Forest Whitaker.

However she admits, it came as a surprise that she was considered a role in the blockbuster.

She plays a mining elder of Wakanda country where the movie is set. Her character does not have a name, let alone being identified as the mining elder.

Wakanda is a fictional African country overseen by T`Challa (Chadwick Boseman).

The mining elder (Connie Chiume) is one of the four officials in the country that is technologically advanced.

As her role can tell, she is responsible for the mines in that country.

While Malawians have a reason to smile, very little is known about her connection to the warm heart of Africa. She argues that being born to a South African mother and a Malawian father, makes her a proudly Salawian (South African and Malawian).

The Salawian has also appeared in other international films, besides the 2018 blockbuster. In 2000, she starred in “I dreamed of Africa” and four years later, in 2004, she was casted in “My country.”

The award winning actress is also one of the leading characters in South Africa`s popular soapie, Rhythm City. She plays Mamokete.




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