Kabwila confident of MCP victory in 2019

Jessie Kabwira & Lazarus Chakwera

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) publicity secretary has expressed confidence that the party will win the general elections next year regardless of the internal wrangles in the party.

Kabwira said this during an interview with the local media.

She said the internal conflicts that are currently happening in the party are not an issue since in every party there are wrangles.

Jessie Kabwira & Lazarus Chakwera
Kabwila: MCP is taking over in 2019.

She then asked MCP members to focus on removing the current Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) from power and not the infightings that are happening in the party.

“Now we must focus on how we can remove this abusive government from power and look at ways we can help people in these hard times,” she said.

Kabwira also claimed that the DPP administration has failed Malawi hence Malawians will not allow the ruling party to retain power.

There are currently internal conflict in the MCP as some senior party members have been accusing Chakwera of flouting party constitution.

On Sunday, the party held a meeting where senior members such as vice president Richard Msowoya and secretary general Gustave Kaliwo were suspended.




  1. This shows MCP including Kabwira is cursed, that’s why Kabwila cannot even see where the party is going. She has ears but cannot hear, has eyes but cannot see. Mlekeni adzamva nkheangwa ili m’mutu!

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