Empower women to curb GBV – Activist

A human rights activists in the country has said empowering women is one of the ways Malawi can use to reduce Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases in the country.

Human rights activist Lucky Mbewe who is Executive Director of Centre for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education (CYECE) said    this after it was revealed that women and girls in Dowa district withdraw GBV cases thus many cases do not even reach the courts.

Lucky Mbewe
Mbewe: Has made the call.

Mbewe said women should keep on being financially empowered so that when such issues happen, they can be able to stand on their own while their husbands who have been found guilty of abusing the women are receiving punishments.

He added that the general public should be informed about their rights and responsibilities so that they can be aware of what to do and how whenever GBV cases arise.

The activist then advised women in the country to stop withdrawing cases and work hand in hand with police so that GBV that mostly affect them should completely be dealt with.

“My advice to women is that they should be able to help police do their job very well by simply allowing them conclude cases and ensure that perpetrators of GBV receiving stiffer punishment as a way of retarding would be offenders.

“Women should be able to understand that continued withdrawal of GBV cases from police puts their lives in danger as most perpetrators would not take police serious hence making their investigations compromised,” Mbewe said.

Mbewe urged police officers to keep on shedding more light in GBV to women and girls so that the tendency should be history.



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  1. NGO, teach how women shud respect and listen to their hubbys. All GBV emanate from contrary marriege characters.

    The bible states that. Ankhoswe state that but u seem to seem to iznstill a different spirit in marrieges. U r nt geared to curb GBV then

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