DPP paraded fake defectors – PP

Democratic Progressive Party

People’s Party (PP) has disassociated itself from purported PP members who joined the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on Sunday.

Several politicians who were identified as PP district and constituency committee members from Mulanje, Chiradzulu and Phalombe were on Sunday welcomed to the ruling DPP by President Peter Mutharika at a political rally in Blantyre.

 However, PP in a statement released by the party’s publicity desk says much as they respect the politicians’ democratic right to associate freely with a party of their choice, they find the politicians’ claim of being PP district and constituency committee members absurd and false.
Democratic Progressive Party
PP has disassociated itself from purported PP members who joined DPP on Sunday.(File)

“All PP district and constituency committees in Mulanje, Chiradzulu and Phalombe are intact and busy executing their duties. That is why we find what happened on Sunday as a scheme to hoodwink Malawians in broad daylight.

“Had it been true that they held the said offices in PP, we would have expected the rally organizers to first mention their names,” reads part of PP statement.

The party adds that it believes the DPP deliberately omitted mentioning the names fully knowing that these were mere DPP supporters in PP regalia.

The PP has since requested the DPP to desist from trying to manipulate the masses by falsehood.

“With only 15 months to general elections everyone is quite aware that the DPP led government has lost touch with masses and no one can trust them anymore, thus the desperation of parading their own members in PP regalia.

“We, therefore, categorically challenge the DPP led government that the paraded members at Lunzu were not, and are not PP members,” the statement says.



  1. Does this party have morals and values? Are the leaders God fearing? Do they know that when God is angery their tacts, money or wepon cannot help them to convince electorates? Faithful people are praying.

  2. losers speech come out on 19th May 2019 hope u will regreat these people. i can’t wait to vote for Peter he has already proven how true leader he’s for not allowing farmers to sell their maize outside country.

  3. Chipani cha dpp chili ndi maso mphenya owina kawili pter ndi mbava ali byzy kugula mitu ya zipani zina kumapitisa kwake . Njoka umapha kumutu apa akuzipha

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