Suspected cattle thief killed


A 42-year-old man has been killed in Ntchisi after he was suspected of being on a mission to steal cattle.

The murdered man has been identified as Staiford Sikisipezi Mphande of Chinkhala Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kalumo.

MalawiNtchisi police spokesperson Sergeant Gladson M’bumpha disclosed that the incident occurred on Thursday night at Chinkhala Village in the district.

He explained that on Friday Village Headwoman Masimbe received a message from people who were going to maize gardens that an unknown male person was lying dead along the road within her village.

“Upon receiving the report, village headwoman Masimbe went to the scene but she did not identify the body.

“This prompted the village headwoman to report the matter to Ntchisi Police where officers accompanied by a medical officer visited the scene and observed that the body had multiple wounds on the head,” M’bumpha said.

According to M’bumpha, the dead body was identified by the deceased’s brother, Watson Sikisipezi, who also disclosed that the deceased was a well-known criminal who in 2013 was chased from the village for his involvement in stealing cattle and was residing at Mponela in Dowa.

M’bumpha pointed out that the deceased was found with three twine strings in his waist which gave an impression that he was on a mission to steal cattle.

Meanwhile, police have opened a case of murder and investigations are underway to arrest the suspects.






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