Man rapes biological daughter


Police in Limbe have arrested a 35-year-old man for sexually abusing his biological daughter.

Deputy Police Public Relations Officer Widson Nhlane has identified the suspect as Joseph John.

According to Nhlane, on 17th of January this year John together with his wife and the victim went to police to report that their teenage daughter had been sexually abused by his 18-year-old boyfriend.

Rape Malawi“After reporting the matter to the police, the security providers took the girl to hospital where tests showed that she was indeed defiled,” he explained.

Later, the victim revealed that she was sexually abused by her own biological Father who is Joseph John.

Police therefore arrested the 35-year-old man and after questioning him he disclosed that he indeed raped his daughter.

Meanwhile, Joseph John is in police custody expecting to answer the charges of incest and defilement.

John comes from Cherewani village in the area of Traditional Authority Chiteya in Chiradzulu district.



  1. These insane fathers have they been affected belzebub/a demonic infection,just 2 days ago the same incident occurred,I think Shariah law should be imposed,those who get involved in such sagas should sjamboked, 500 lashes in public rather sending them to jail,the media almost on daily basis we here similar incidences,its now tiresome,kkkk,talema nazo wee!!!

  2. Mlukeni wadya zake munthuyu..ankavutika yeka kukagula mvunguti,mthubulo ndi gondolosi kuti kachipaso kameneko kadziwe dziko…ndikake basi…nsanje

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