MCP warned of Maurice Munthali: He was DPP’s ‘secret’ agent


Democratic Progress Party (DPP) has warned Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to be wary of Reverend Maurice Munthali who joined MCP, saying the Reverend is unpredictable and  behaves in the manner of a ‘political prostitute’.

DPP’s vice president for the North, Goodall Gondwe, said Munthali was DPP’s ‘agent’ even when he was critical of the party.


Maurice Munthali

“Reverend Munthali was extremely close to DPP. He used to tell us a number of things happening in other parties. Now he is in MCP, it will be very interesting to watch how he is going to behave from now onwards” Goodall Gondwe told one of the local papers.

Gondwe advised MCP to trend carefully on how it embraces the reverend who he described as unstable.

“Reverend Munthali has been everywhere. He mingled with AFORD, DPP, PP and now he says he is in MCP. So, one can tell with certainty just where he will be in two days from now” said Goodall.

Gondwe claimed being very surprised that Reverend Munthali has chosen MCP.

“It is possible that he could come back to DPP. Him joining MCP is not his last move”

Last Saturday, DPP senior officials that included Goodall Gondwe and National Campaign Director, Jappie Mhango, took a swipe at Munthali during a rally which they held in Rumphi.

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