Mangochi police reduce crime


Mangochi Police Station registered a significant decline in crime in the year 2017 following latest review of reported crimes in the district.

According to police in the district, in 2016 a total of 2,346 criminal cases were recorded while in 2017 the station registered only 2,103 cases representing a decline of 10 percent.

MalawiMangochi police deputy spokesperson Amina Daudi said notable serious offences that were reduced include robbery with violence and house breaking.

“For instance, in 2017 only 122 cases of robbery with violence were registered compared to 205 which were put into records in 2016,” Daudi told Malawi24.

However, sexual offences like defilement seem to have reigned high on the graph in the year just ended compared to the figures noted in 2016.

“The station is hopeful of registering a fall in sexual offences following stiffer penalties given to offenders by courts lately which have played a big role in advocating against the same, Daudi said.

On traffic offences, she said the district recorded 47 road accidents in 2017 compared to 50 in the previous year representing a 6 percent decrease.

Daudi said decrease in both crime and road accidents is attributed to intensive day and night patrols, police visibility, road safety awareness through the media especially on community radios and most importantly the good relationship between the police and the general public such that it has been easy for the police to receive tips on crime in the district.


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