Legal expert warns musicians

Mwiza Chavura

A legal expert in Malawi has advised musicians in the country to refrain from hiding under ‘freedom of expression’ when producing songs that promote violence and fear among groups of people.

The sentiments follow a controversial song by musician Mwiza Chavura titled ‘Rape’ that has been criticized for promoting violence and fear among young girls.

Professor Edge Kanyongolo
Kanyongolo says no one is allowed to hide under freedom of expression.

Commenting on the song, legal expert Edge Kanyongolo has advised musicians to produce songs within the limits of freedom of expression.

“The law states that no one is allowed to hide under freedom of expression as it has limits,” said Kanyongolo.

The musician’s mother body in Malawi has also faulted the lyrics in Chavura’s song saying they are promoting violence.

Meanwhile, the musician has apologized for the song and has promised to release another song that is against the lyrics used in the controversial song.

“I regret and apologize for the scandal, I will release part two of the song,” said Chavura.



  1. Legal expert? Failing to arrest corrupt govt officials now want to attack the youth? How I wish to know that stupid legal expert whose expertise is bias, ill and immature

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