Teenager murdered in Lilongwe


Police at Kanengo have arrested Yesaya Custom aged 30 for beating to death a teenager who mistakenly entered the suspect’s house at night.

The victim has been identified as 15-year-old Daniel Pute.

MachingaPute left home for beer drinking on the night of January 1, this year but he missed his house on his way back and entered into Custom’s house.

According to Kanengo police deputy spokesperson Esther Mkwanda, the owner of the house heard the noise of the intruder and he started beating him without asking or knowing who he was.

“The victim fainted and the suspect thought he was dead so he dumped him in the maize field,” she said.

Pute managed to crawl to his parents’ house in the morning and was taken to Kamuzu Central Hospital but he died after three days.

He managed to tell the truth on his hospital bed when police paid him a visit.

The deceased hailed from Mtema village while the suspect hails from Mzumazi village both from TA Mtema in Lilongwe.

Custom will appear before court to answer charges of murder contrary to section 209 of the penal code soon.

Meanwhile, Police are appealing to the general public to take care of children under the age of 18 as they are not allowed to take alcohol.



  1. Mmmm..Abale Muzikhala Serious Pofuna Kunena Zinthu.Mistakenly?Unless She Was A Thief..Kaya Kapena Koma Aaa..Tiikepo “?”.Rip Teenager.

  2. How old was that teen ager to enter in somebody’s house accidentaly?……..some of these teen agers are now even ceasing other women’s husband, we are now in last days where by young girls are not afraid of sleeping or dating a man who is elder like their father or grand father, they only care about money not age, to them age is nothing but money is what they care. Anyway….RIP teenager!

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