Malawians urged to take tree planting season seriously


Malawians have been urged to take the tree planting season seriously as it is people’s responsibility to restore the environment that has been degraded.

Speaking at a tree planting event organised by Catholic Women Organization (CWO) in the Archdiocese of Blantyre and National Bank, Vicar General for the Blantyre Archdiocese Father Boniface Tamani said citizens need to take action in restoring nature.

Brain Boby from National Bank planting his tree.

“With the power of reasoning, we must make sure that the mind of man is in line with the mind of God by protecting the environment and recreating the world, so it is our responsibility,” said Tamani.

Concurring with Tamani, CWO chairlady for Blantyre Archdiocese Lucy Khoviwa disclosed that the impacts of environmental degradation have greatly affected women hence the action.

“Women have been greatly affected by the degradation of the environment, women are walking long distances in rural areas to look for firewood and the same is applying in towns where women are standing along the roads waiting for charcoal sellers,” said Khoviwa.

National Bank Head of Business Process Management Brian Boby disclosed that the bank has been geared in effort to restore the environment in Malawi.

“We are affected in Malawi, looking at the challenges faced in the past year talking of electricity blackouts are all due to environmental degradation and as National Bank we decided to work with other partners in this case Catholic Women in the Archdiocese of Blantyre,” said Boby.

Since last year, National Bank has been partnering with CWO in Blantyre Archdiocese in planting trees in Go Green campaign that is to be due after five years.


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