TUM speaks tough on arrears


Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) has warned Malawi Government that if it will fail to pay all arrears to teachers in time the union will call for industrial action.

According to TUM Secretary General Charles Kumchenga, during a meeting with government it was agreed that all leave grants and salary arrears will be paid in January and February, 2018.

Kumchenga: We are asking govt to treat these matters with seriousness.

He warned government that failure to pay the teachers will make TUM mobilise teachers across the country and hold vigils.

“As all secondary schools are receiving their Leave Grants (LGs) this month end of January, we have also requested district councils to pay LGs to primary schools as soon as possible to avoid industrial action similar to the one we had last year,” Kumchenga said.

“We are asking government to treat these matters with seriousness and urgency. We have already done the communications to the authorities on the stipulated issues including the issue of promotions,” he disclosed.

Meanwhile, TUM has faulted some authorities in government such as District Education Managers (DEMs) and District Commissioners (DCs) who are treating the issue of arrears as minor.

“TUM has noted with regret that some DEMs in collaboration with DCs are not treating the arrears issue as a priority,” said Kumchenga.



  1. In past days I was not aware that teachers receive salary cox they were indeed receiving nowadays I know that teachers did not receive salary cox they indeed not get paid even pupils are aware

  2. Kumbukani padali macra inkati from this january kuimba 4n kuzakhala kotchipa , bungwe linanso limati tizakhala ndi demo ya 50 plus 1 kuti zinthu zisinthe lelo lelo mwabwela ndinu a TUM ife ndiye tizingochapidwa m maso basi uku mukudya masikono . Ndangodusamo pasakhale ondiopseza apa

  3. Guys Always Complaining Why Dont You Just Change The Poster Coz This Government Doesnt Consider Min Of Education The Tiredsome Work These Teachers Work
    Shame Of DPP

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