NGO bemoans low literacy levels in Dowa

students Malawi

A Non-Government Organisation (NGO) called  Feed the Children has beamoned low levels of literacy in the communities it is working with to address the TIWALERE 2 project which rolled out in December 2016 in Dowa district.

The organisation said the issue is affecting many interventions, with a call to scale up adult literacy classes as an ideal strategy in hard to reach areas.

students Malawi
Low literacy levels worry NGOs in Dowa district.(File)

It said the other challenges also include dropping out of some community members due to high anticipation of incentives and benefits which do not come.

In an interview, Feed the Children’s Zone Manager, Mark Liwonde said TIWALERE 2 project staff have managed to adapt well in their areas of work and communities it is working with and the communities are very supportive as there is good collaboration and better working relationship.

In his remarks, Dowa District Council’s Acting Director of Planning and Development, Martin Pindamkono, thanked Feed the Children for considering implementing TIWALERE 2 project in the district.

Pindamkono, appealed to all nutrition partners working in the district to work together.












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